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Anonymous whispered: That will depend partly on how you respond, since I'll adjust accordingly. It shouldn't be any longer than an hour though, and will probably be closer to half an hour for the session itself. -Shoulder!DOS It is cute. Are you suggesting we do more Cuteness Tests? -smut!anon ((Please excuse me while Shoulder!DOS channels the entire session through my brain and makes me time it with all the pauses in. -smut!anon))

Grant nodded. “Hour max. Okay. And you can if you want, cause why not?”

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Anonymous whispered: If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. *peeking out from underneath smut!anon's hand* -Shoulder!DOS

"Uhh, I’m not sure I have questions, other than how long should the sessions take at first? I need to know how much free time to allot to this, and still have some wiggle room around other things."

He paused a beat, then smiled.

"That’s uh, very cute, by the way. The peeking."

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Anonymous whispered: *turns back to Grant* But yes, that sounds good. *petting Shoulder!DOS* -smut!anon

"Good," he said with a nod. "Looking forward to it."

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Anonymous whispered: It will need to be frequent at first, yes. You'll know when it starts sticking. -Shoulder!DOS *glances over at Shoulder!DOS with a playful look* You're going to tell him to repeat it before going to sleep too, aren't you? -smut!anon Of course. You know how well it works... -Shoulder!DOS

Grant chuckled at that.

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Anonymous whispered: ((Shoulder!DOS just asked him when he wants to start training. Hope the tiredness goes away soon! -smut!anon))


"If you’re okay with it, I can clear some time tomorrow, and keep that same slot each day of the week if it needs to be frequent at first. I’ve been meaning to de-clutter my schedule and delegate more anyways."

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Anonymous whispered: ((Is Grant going to answer that question now? :) -smut!anon))

((It’s been a while - could you refresh me on that? XD I’m also braindead tired despite a day off, not sure where that’s from. Grr.))

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Anonymous whispered: ((We're back! -smut!anon and Shoulder!DOS))

((Welcome back. :D))

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Anonymous whispered: ((In two weeks, then. :) Goodnight, and see you then! -smut!anon))

((Goodnight, and see you in 2 weeks! ))

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Anonymous whispered: ((Sure. I might have time for little spots of RP here and there before then, but not much. Also, are you planning to answer that IC question, or are you thinking of a hard pause here? -smut!anon))

((Thinking of a hard pause. That way we can just dive into the training arc when you get back. :) ))

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Anonymous whispered: Good. *beat* When do you want to start your training? -Shoulder!DOS ((FYI, there will be a long post in playing out the safety training and I probably won't have time to write it until at least two weeks from now.))

((No worries. If you want we can just sorta end the arc here, and come back to things when you return. We’re sort of running out of things to RP into this particular instance, anyways.))

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Anonymous whispered: Feeling better, Grant? -Shoulder!DOS

"Yes. Much," he answered with a grin.

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Anonymous whispered: *nods contentedly, still watching the ceiling* -smut!anon Yes, he did. -Shoulder!DOS

Cheryl yawned faintly. Between good food and a great ceiling display, she felt much more relaxed.