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Anonymous whispered: ((I'm referring to post / 92588242005 .))

((OH. She meant just as well that the IT guys beefed up their electronic security against AI breaking in - be it the Wheatley and GLaDOS!pertures or SHODAN. xD))

Anonymous whispered: ((What exactly "is probably just as well"? I'm confused.))

((To which post are you referring?))

Anonymous whispered: nana825763 is a youtube channel. her videos are creepy. maybe if you make test subjects view these videos don't veiw them yourself. and don't EVER go looking for the channel username 666. it has a deadly virus in the channel. but the nana825763 youtube channel is safe. thank you.

"You know what, I think this might be out of my scientific purview for analysis. I’ll just…pass this on to an acquaintance of mine. She has a penchant - or rather, a gift - for unnerving and outright terrifying the inferior humans. Thank you for your contributions to science, Anon. However if my acquaintance discovers any paradoxes or other unhealthy-for-AI surprises you’ve neglected to mention, she’s going to want to have a word with you."

Cheryl groaned.

"I was just over the last time you mentioned SHODAN, G, now you gotta bring her up again?

The cat-sized GLaDOS merely chuckled darkly.

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Anonymous whispered: mini glados have you ever seen the channel nana825763? her videos might be perfect to show all to all the people who you test. you can scare them into doing as you ask.

You’ll have to be more specific - YouTube, Vine, Vimeo? I wouldn’t mind investigating, but as you can see I am a computer, well…. I require more data.

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Anonymous whispered: You found a System Shock universe from the Aperture multiverse? -smut!anon *gently curls around smut!anon* -Shoulder!DOS

"Yeeeeeeeuuuup," Cheryl answered grimly. "Nobody could sleep for a week after finding out. You try figuring out how to keep the Many out of an Aperture Science facility. Or SHODAN. She uh…kinda was the worse nightmare for the IT guys.”

She sighed.

"We’re not exactly central-AI operated anymore, but running with autonomous departments under an administrator AI - Robo!DOS. So it’s not like Robo would be able to detect any electronic intrusions in the same way a DOS with total facility control would. They’ve put in some measures. I hope we never have to worry about it, but given we’ve got Wheatley!perture and GLaDOS!perture, both with the ability to sneak in electronically via their own IUPS systems…it’s probably just as well."

Cheryl cringed.

"So yeah. Nobody could sleep for a week. Eeeesh. Nowadays one of the threats we use on assholes we discover we’ve hired is mailing them to the Von Braun. It’s uh………..super effective."

G snickered from Cheryl’s shoulders.

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Anonymous whispered: Yeah... if you get SHODAN involved, I think not even petting would let us get any sleep. -smut!anon

"I will keep that in mind. And save that for only the most extenuating of circumstances. Does that reassure you?"

"Starting to, G. Starting to. I didn’t sleep real well after finding out that universe was real from one of the IUPS guys. Said something about one of the exploration teams winding up on the Von Braun and needing to get out. Shortest multiverse expedition on record. And we now have five former test subjects who’ll cling to the ceiling if the announcement system’s voice processor glitches."

Anonymous whispered: *chuckling at the assorted anon questions* -smut!anon and Shoulder!DOS

"Yeah tell me about it," Cheryl chuckled. "If that clueless one asks about G choking again, I might just have G take over that particular conversation."

"After which point I might have to do some introducing. She’s not as well-known…"

"G, I’m not going to sleep if you bring her into the picture, ok? It was bad enough when Dean was on his System Shock kick. Now I gotta wrap my head around that universe being real. Thanks. So. Much.”

Cheryl cringed.

"And you wonder why I don’t like seeing Mantis People eggs."

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Anonymous whispered: i have a question for mini glados. how do you stay so clean? do you groom? bathe in cyanide? or wait until your covered with dirt and dust and roll in a puddle? thank you!

"I shower regularly. It has some beneficial sensations which are quite relaxing. Failing a regular showering routine, I have Cheryl here to see to any dust or grease caught in my gears. She’s become quite good at it."

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Anonymous whispered: has mini glados ever choked on something or swallowed something sharp? if so was she in pain?

Cheryl held G up, the cat-sized chassis filling the entire view from the camera.

"This is minIDOS aka G. As you can see she’s a full GLaDOS chassis, just the size of your average Maine Coon cat. Faceplate, side screens, cable arms, the whole works. She’s always been like this since she got shrunken by her Blue and Orange."

She paused a beat.

"I don’t recall ever having seen a mouth or a digestive tract on her anywhere, let alone a throat and lungs which would allow for a near-fatal injury like choking."

She paused another beat.

"So Anon….if I were you, I’d get my vision checked. Or my brain. Because it seems to be the size of a fly’s."

The miniature GLaDOS giggled evilly.

"Speaking of insect jokes, I should introduce you to another, shall we say, liberated AI from the multiverse. She’s rather fond of calling humans any number of very tiny, and very dumb things."

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Anonymous whispered: Why exactly can announcers from other universes make announcements over the PA here? -smut!anon

"Yeah, probably a glitch over at IUPS Control. Likely they’ve got it fixed cause we haven’t heard from them since."

Cheryl shrugged.

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Anonymous whispered: The aperture testing facility reminds you that glaDOS is preparing cake and surprises for all that enter and that turrets will NOT be welcome. (Unless they have already shot this announcer in which case do whatever you want).

"Oh. Well….thanks," Cheryl remarked, quirking an eyebrow. "So G, what flavor is the cake?"

The cat sized GLaDOS draped across her shoulders perked then eyed the screen.

"I wasn’t aware I’d baked one. It must be one of my counterparts. Her announcer must have gotten the universal codes mixed up. It was probably the one thing they -really- needed to remember, too. Heh heh."

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Anonymous whispered: *nods* Less mishaps and probably better research ethics. They might even look like normal companies with big R&D departments. -smut!anon ((I'll be putting my human to bed shortly. Goodnight! -Shoulder!DOS))

((Goodnight))  ”Yeah, definitely. Not Aperture-esque at all.”