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Anonymous whispered: Out of curiosity, what would the turrets be firing? -smut!anon *nods* I hope some of those people will be disguised as partygoers. With all the armor and weapons around they wouldn't stick out even after dealing with trouble. -Shoulder!DOS ((*rubs smut!anon's neck* Goodnight! -Shoulder!DOS))

"Probably neon colored paintballs to make the troublemakers for security," Grant said. "That way the injuries and damage stays down. And yeah plenty of disguised types. We learned a lot from Fangirl!perture."


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Anonymous whispered: ((Let's try again then, this time including some tweaks to jog your memory. :) )) Did they also make sure people won't be fired on for taking defensive measures? I imagine lots of attendees will be coming with self-defense reflexes. -smut!anon Oh? What other ideas are they considering? -Shoulder!DOS

Cheryl nodded.

"Yeah that’s on the list of debugging methods. Fortunately they aren’t the only thing on the table. People prepared for nonsense and armed to go would probably be the top tier as far as decision-making on action goes. And they’re the preferred option," Grant replied quickly. "But yeah self-defensive measures IS on the turrets’ do-not-fire debugging."

((Thank you!))

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Anonymous whispered: ((ping))

((I’d answer but I lost track of what part of the conversation Shoulder!DOS was inquiring about, and really didn’t feel like digging it up.))

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Anonymous whispered: Good. We don't want our usual demonstrations to trigger a hail of turret fire. People thinking those demonstrations make us easy targets, though? Acting on that should trigger a hail of turret fire. -smut!anon

"Yeah. We’re still fine-tuning things. But it’s promising. There’s a few other ideas going around, too."

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Anonymous whispered: And not firing on people going *replays Grant's reaction* "Whoah whoah wait wh—? You can train a human to /do/ that?" -Shoulder!DOS *grins* -smut!anon ((post / 37695830481 , in case you were wondering.))

Cheryl snickered.

Grant shrugged.

"I think they eliminated that one from the positives list and filed it as false-positives. I’ll make sure they do if someone forgot, though."

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Anonymous whispered: What were the test results on those like? Will they trigger on normal reactions to our usual party tricks? -smut!anon

"They’re testing that system now, but the results are looking promising for spotting rising tensions, hostile behavior, someone about to attack another person, you get the idea."

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Anonymous whispered: *giggles* So what do Incoming Crap Detectors actually do? -Shoulder!DOS

"Detect key phrases, body language, heightened volume in voices, stuff like that," Grant answered. "It’s some offshoot of some program the old Aperture IT boys loaded into GLaDOS…."

"Well it might actually work at spotting trouble, then," Cheryl remarked as G perked.

"Seeing as my tolerance for troublemaking is quite low, there’s a good chance of that working out. For the turrets, at least."

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Anonymous whispered: Shall we start by outlining the insurance plans we have so far? -smut!anon

"Yeah. OK, so, different rooms with people prepared for specific troublemakers was one. I heard one guy suggest we just disguise a whole mess of turrets and outfit ‘em with Incoming Crap Detectors. Yes, that’s the real name. The abbreviation of it, I think."

Cheryl snickered. 

"We thought of party events that’d call for weapons and body armor, so if someone starts shit, they’ll realize we’re a little too well-prepared, but we’ll have a good set of excuses if not."

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Anonymous whispered: That settles it then. On to other discussions? -Shoulder!DOS *glances over at the microwave* -smut!anon

"Oh! Right," Grant said as he headed to the now dinging microwave.

"Anyways," Cheryl said, "we’re trying to hash out ways to keep this shindig from turning into a not-shindig. Figured we might as well talk face-to-face."

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Anonymous whispered: *chuckles and shakes her head* -smut!anon

Grant groaned, then facepalmed.

"G, you could’ve told us you knew SHODAN. I’m not stupid. But at least, you’re not either, and you’re not going to invite her, so that’s that. Right?”

G drew herself up primly on Cheryl’s shoulder, regarding Grant with a steady gaze.

"That would be correct."

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Anonymous whispered: *glances over at G* -Shoulder!DOS


"To be fair, I don’t think she was seriously considering inviting THAT one…."

"After all the reactions to people finding out I know THAT one, would I, one of the greatest repositories of wisdom in the multiverse, be so unwise as to attempt anything like what you’re implying I would?"

"G, you’re just digging yourself in further."

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Anonymous whispered: Oh good. So you haven't turned this room into your effective apartment. *seems to be smiling with her optic* -Shoulder!DOS G, do you want to tell Grant about the other AI friends you were thinking of inviting? -smut!anon

Grant perked.


"Oh, just a pair of Hal 9000’s, Commander Data, possibly EDI with Joker, and…so on."

Cheryl’s face had the relieved expression of someone who’d just dodged a bullet.