guardianofelysion whispered: She lets go of the gun, still standing defensive nevertheless. "Where the hell am I anyway?" She asks.

"One of the many Aperture Science Laboratories of the multiverse. This version’s one where everyone died. We’re from another universe and we’ve taken over. Mostly just to explore the multiverse, test any multiverse-based inventions and devices, and to stay alive…and sane."

Cheryl shrugged.

"We’re experiencing a peaceful spell right now, which is a really good thing."

guardianofelysion whispered: Her eyes widened for a second, then squinted to maintain her defensive stance. She sees the purple haired girl with the tiny mainframe on her shoulder. Ready to pull her hand cannon out, she spoke in an authoritative tone "Identify yourself."

"Name’s Cheryl, and this is GLaDOS. We’re not going to mean you any harm, unless you mean harm to us. We’ve been attacked before. However, doesn’t mean we’re going to do anything to you. So uh, could you like, not jump to conclusions right away here?”

The hand motion to the weapon hadn’t gone unnoticed by either female, and Cheryl’s eyes narrowed as the tiny robot raised herself to a more regal position.

Oh just so you know, you’re not the one calling the shots here. This is an inhabited facility and there are others in control of its systems. Any gunfire would be detected and immediately handled. I suggest you remove your hand from your weapon. Really, we’d prefer to talk first, unless you’re spoiling for that fight. Which you won’t win.

Anonymous whispered: *drags in a comfy couch and sits on it.* Hey, what's up?

Cheryl waved, and miniDOS lifted her tail in a wave.

"Not much really. Just enjoying life without another disaster brewing around the corner for a change. We’ve left our Aperture in the capable hands of Grant and Robo, and we’re on a sort of Do-Nothing-But-Whatever-We-Want sabbatical where we can recover and think about our future life decisions."

MiniDOS chuckled at that.

I don’t think I could’ve said it any better. Science is all well and good - and I’ll still be conducting whichever research I’ve found worth my time - but it’s healthy to have a pause now and then. I find myself fondly recalling the Good Old Days in that apartment.”

Cheryl nodded with a grin.

"Yeah, the new one’s at least bigger, got better aircon, and no bills so I can’t really complain there. Besides, the view’s better. Half my windows used to face this pile of concrete walls of the buildings next to us. Here, it’s just endless views of Aperture. Preferable really. We found this residential area that’s got grounds and skylights to topside."

She shrugged, then motioned to the bank of windows facing out of the apartment’s living room. They show a view of a huge skylight casting warm afternoon sunlight into well-kept gardens with trees sticking up amid the walls of stairs, windows, and doors making up the Residential area. A few Aperture robots putter about, trimming branches and watering plants.

"This Aperture did some studies on the effects of outside air and sunshine on employee morale, and found them compelling enough to install all this. When we moved in, we were using the old temporary Residential Area for test subjects, transitory employees, and temp personnel. Grant found this with Robo a few weeks back, and we’ve gotten everyone moved over here. It’s a huge improvement.”

So now we pass the time by Cuteness Testing, relaxing, playing Poker Night 2…

MiniDOS and Cheryl turned to the new voice from the couch’s armrest, where MicroDOS sat in her tiny chassis.

You’d be surprised to know what a terrible poker player my counterpart is.

Mini glared at Micro, her optic narrowing.

"I still have that bonnet, Micro,” she hissed darkly.

I thought I tore that to shreds when we moved? You know…in the android?" Micro replied sweetly, not missing a sinble beat.

I always have a backup bonnet,” Mini shot back. “You’re not going to get away with such strong-arm tactics.

Cheryl rolled her eyes.

"Yup. Life as usual. And no, nobody’s gotten a straight answer out of why Micro won’t just get sized back up, even after that fangirl mess. Not even me."

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Anonymous whispered: Whatever happened to BluDOS?

"We haven’t heard from them or their human in ages. I’ve no idea."

Cheryl looked down to miniDOS, who sat curled up in her lap. The cat-sized DOS shook her head as well.

"Sorry, anon."

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Anonymous whispered: *rolls her optic upon seeing the anon trying to pick G up without permission* -Shoulder!DOS *shaking her head* -smut!anon ((Since we're RPing as if nothing too crazy is going on, I may as well respond IC. :) ))

Thank you for your support. Honestly, the anons really have let themselves go.

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Anonymous whispered: Tsk tsk going to have to teach some anons some manners.

Indeed. I wonder how many of the newer anons have bothered to read the archives…?

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Anonymous whispered: *picks up MiniDOS and nuzzles her*

Oh great. Looks like I’m going to have to train you lot in asking me for permission again. You’ve all been spared long enough.

MiniDOS hopped out of the anon’s arms, moving too quickly to be caught or snatched up again. She curled up on the nearest horizontal surface and looked up at Anon.

Now, let’s go through this again.

If you are to touch me or to hold me in any way, you must ASK my permission first, and you must also state what you want to do with me. If you want to pet me, then ask me for permission to pet me.

If I refuse permission and you do it anyways, you’re going to get a nasty electrical shock. Shocking continues until the unwanted behavior ends. 

If I do give permission, you may do precisely what you asked for, and no more. Unless you’d like permission for that.

Clearly you’ve never owned a cat.


((I’m in the chat now if anyone wants to join up?))
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Anonymous whispered: ((*still petting you* How have you been? We've been dropping into the chat every so often, but it's very quiet in there. -smut!anon and Shoulder!DOS))

((Yeah sorry I haven’t been there lately. :( I should try and get back later this week as I have a few days off coming up. It’s just that nobody ELSE in the group besides you guys and Shy!Anon have messaged me or otherwise told me they still exist. :( ))

guardianofelysion whispered: A woman with a wry smirk and battle scars wanders around the facility. Confused on how she got here, she cautiously looks around for someone to answer her queries.

Cheryl perked as her wifi implant picked up the camera feeds of the new arrival wandering the hallways. Seemed harmless enough - one lone wanderer seemingly out of place. Certainly not a face she’d seen before.

"Did IUPS leave another multiverse portal open again?" she wondered aloud as she headed for the nearest elevator.

The tiny cat-sized GLaDOS perched atop her shoulders shrugged her shoulderplates.

As stretched thin as they’ve been lately, it wouldn’t surprise me,” she remarked sourly.

Moments later, Cheryl walked off the elevator. A brief jaunt down one corridor brought her face-to-face with the visitor.

"Hello?" she inquired.

((Haven’t had a chance to RP on this in ages. The current arc is on hiatus until the participants come back from school or wherever. In the meantime, I think I’ll be cool with people posting random starters or asks like this, and I’ll just RP like things are all hunky-dory and nothing too crazy is going on in Cheryl’s Aperture.))

((For what Cheryl looks like, just look at my icon.))

((If you’ve checked the archive before posting, you’ll know this is an Aperture from a multiverse where everyone, Caroline included died. Cheryl and an exploration team from another universe’s Aperture came here and took over, looking for a shrinking/enlarging gun for her tiny GLaDOS.))

Anonymous whispered: *hugs* your blog is awesome keep it up!

((Thank you! -waves-))

Anonymous whispered: ((*smiles back while rubbing your shoulders* -smut!anon *lightly pets your head with her USB cord* -Shoulder!DOS))

((Thank you guys. :) Thank you <3))