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Anonymous whispered: *nods* -Shoulder!DOS Did we get notes on forms guests are coming in added to this list? Or stored somewhere else, for that matter? -smut!anon

Grant reached out to the tablet, and tapped another button. Now the list showed the forms included.

"Most are pretty good about mentioning what they’ll use, but we’ve got a few stragglers."

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Anonymous whispered: Yes, let's please move on. -Shoulder!DOS *still looking for nnotes on the list* -smut!anon

"Thank you," Grant sighed. "As you can see both Wheatley!perture’s and GLaDOS!perture’s big bosses were invited…"

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Anonymous whispered: *finds CherylDOS on the list and looks for any notes* -smut!anon *settles contentedly around smut!anon's neck, also looking at the guest list* -Shoulder!DOS

There’s a few notable names from various Apertures, including MegaDOS, the GLaDOS from Choco!perture, the GLaDOS from Cat!perture, several individuals from Cute!Aperture, and so on.

A black line has crossed out one name near the bottom. Grant looks both innocent and irritated at once when the puzzled looks crosses everyone’s faces.

Cheryl rolled her eyes. She knew exactly who got crossed out.

"Okay, which dumb schmuck thought it was a funny idea to put SHODAN on the list?"

Grant coughed uneasily.

"I’ve got at least four System Shock fanboys in the ranks. G, that’s the second time your mention of that name in anyone’s earshot outside of the IUPS room has given me a headache. The IUPS folks know to keep any mention of that universe to themselves.”

"Look," G primly retorted, "I wouldn’t have mentioned her if I didn’t think your people were capable of handling that particular surprise. We’ve survived Fangirl!Aperture, for starters.”

Cheryl sighed tiredly as she rubbed at her face.

"For a supercomputer, you sure forget pretty easily how I had trouble getting any sleep the week I found out that universe was real.”

"I spent that entire week making sure nothing got in through the portal when that team came back,” Grant groused. “And then your girlfriend had to mention her as a pen pal.”

G sighed, planting her faceplate into her tail before looking back up again.

"All right. That was quite obviously a mistake. Can we please move on now?"

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Anonymous whispered: *picks up the guest list again to see if it has any notes on what forms guests are coming in* -smut!anon

Cheryl sighed as she relaxed again, staring up at the nebulae on Grant’s ceiling. G had settled as well, and looked almost as if she might take a nap for how languidly the little chassis lay across her lap.

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Anonymous whispered: Oh? Did she say if she's turning up in an android? -smut!anon

"Umm, I think so," Cheryl responded with a nod, and a glance to the ceiling as she rummaged through her memories. "I think so.”

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Anonymous whispered: ((She seems saner than that, at least to me. XD )) *nods back* it would be nice to pay her a visit. -smut!anon

((Indeed….heh XD))

Cheryl nodded with a smile.

"I’d love to do that. She’s at least invited to the shindig."

Anonymous whispered: Perhaps we should go back there someday and offer her some help with that? -Shoulder!DOS

"Wouldn’t mind doing that," Cheryl said with a nod. "Been meaning to re-connect with her."

ask-glados-anything whispered: I've come to notice you on my dash, seeing as you don't necessarily post much. I'd thought I'd pass by and say hello.

Cheryl smiled.

"Hi," she said. "It’s mostly cause I don’t get much from the multiverse these days."

She eyed the newcomer for a moment as the cat-sized GLaDOS chassis perked up and eyed her suspiciously.

"So you’re another GLaDOS?"

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Anonymous whispered: *nods* Did we ever find out any details beyond the scientists pissing her off and her wanting to undo the upload after? -smut!anon

"Her last message," Cheryl mused, "had her pondering building an android body and modifying the system so her mind felt more comfortable. Something about how the perks of the system are starting to outweigh her wanting to re-download back into her body."

She shrugged.

"Time breeds familiarity, I guess."

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Anonymous whispered: *nods and sighs* At least that one was a consensual uploading, if I remember correctly. But still, that was quite the uncomfortable discovery. -smut!anon

Cheryl nodded.

"Yeah, she signed up for it and all. And then things went downhill afterwards. And plenty uncomfortable.”

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Anonymous whispered: Definitely. Some of those Apertures are really quite messed up. *snuggles Shoulder!DOS* -smut!anon

Grant nodded vigorously, his eyes wide with quite a few memories of nasty incidents and uncomfortable discoveries.

"Yeah," Cheryl sighed. "Like the one where they uploaded me."

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Anonymous whispered: It's nice to have DOSes that insist on doing things well and with proper consideration for people. *smiles* -smut!anon *curls happily around smut!anon* -Shoulder!DOS

Grant nodded.

"Especially with some of the other Apertures we’ve run into. It’s…good to know not all of them are corrupted to hell and back."